"Once upon a time... a magic place where the stories sounded between the trunks of the trees, as though the wind was counted them... where the dreams became true and fairies and gnomes came alive."
Public library proposal in a metropolitan natural environment which tries to recover abandoned spaces or unused areas with a respectful intervention with the nature, generating a new cultural focus.
The main building contains the information and control point, reception and checkroom, deposit of books and newspaper archive, classrooms and central services.
The cabins are spread out all over the forest to enjoy reading and tranquillity in a privileged space with the only distraction of the birds song and the branches movement because of wind.
Year: 2013
Client: Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture from
Madrid Government
Main building area: 475 sqm + 217 sqm terrace
Cabin area: 9 sqm + 8 sqm terrace
Location: Parque del Oeste - Madrid | Spain