Gazechim Composites Ibérica company decides to build its new headquarters in the industrial park of Picassent | Spain, teaming up with Graphenano engineering and onside architecture.
From the begging of the project onside has haven the collaboration of top companies in the sector of composite materials whose helped with experience and their “know-how” has still worked in the different constructive solutions.
The project would like to show nautical and aeronautical vanguardist sector applied in the building world, as well as free designs thanks to this type of compound material, where architecture is innovating new solutions by the last generation of nanotechnology of graphene.
The office facade is protected with a skin of slats organized as a wave with an appearance of swell like the surface of sea, above these ones float a “white bow” that sails on the building. The White Bow has a protuberant geometry that highlights whit an almost “impossible” shape in its vertex, recalling the hull of a ship.
GRP type provides large doses of innovation and possibilities, previously inconceivable in the architecture and construction sector. Designs and proposals whose execution is only possible thanks to these new materials that allow to form implausible, capable of challenging the imagination.
Interior design of the office explores harmonies coexistence between the traditional noble materials and the latest generation composite materials, achieving warm and high-quality work environments.
Year: 2019
Site area: 5.200 sqm
Office area: 750 sqm
Location: Picassent | Spain
Engineering: Grupotec
Construction: Construcciones Eliseo Pla
Partners: Graphenano Composites
Photography: Alfonso Calza
· Winner XIV PRIZES NAN 2020 Architecture & Construction