Refurbishment and interior design of an apartment located in a residential complex in the Laoximen District, next to the Huangpu River in the city center of Shanghai. After several proposals from Chinese design studios, the clients decided to entrust us with the project looking for a more sober and European style.
Due to the construction system of the building, the partition wall participates in the structural function, which doesn’t allow to modificate the distribution of the apartment. The proposal allocates a large volume of storage to each room, which frees up the spaces for accessory furniture. The way of life of the family and the use of individual technological devices define the distribution itself, which revolves around a central meeting room where only a large wooden table presides over the space.
The interior doors are integrated into the wooden paneling. In the case of pivot doors, they are hidden when are closed, while sliding doors are hidden when they are open, as they are used only in specific cases.
The material palette is defined by the use of wood and porcelain tiles with neutral tones to give warmth to the rest spaces and functionality to the kitchen area and bathrooms. As it is an apartment located on the second floor, it does not receive a large amount of natural light, so indirect artificial light is enhanced, which is regulated by an adjustable home automation system.
The project has been a great challenge for our studio, designing for the oriental way of life, with construction systems and regulations very different from European, in addition to collaborating with a local construction company to execute the project during the months of the pandemic.
Year: 2022
Client: private
Area: 120 sqm
Location: Laoximen Dtr. Huangpu – Shanghai | China
Photo: Ke Wei