Trolli company is one of the world leaders in gummy candies manufacture. They order us to design the showroom located in their new offices and factory in Paterna.
We propose a powerful and very recognizable image of the House of the Troll, that is the mascot and character who gave name to the company, based on the Scandinavian mythological stories about those capricious beings who live in the great north forests.
It is replaced the concept of exhibition furniture for the creation of a new space seeming the house attic, where different wooden frames define the space and between which are placed exhibitors, storage and skylights.
The design is based on economic modular elements with an easy installation and extendable possibilities due to customer needs. Creates a simple and neutral environment in which emphasize the intense colors of the product becoming the protagonist element.
Year: 2013
Client: Trolli Ibérica
Area: 18.5 sqm
Location: Paterna | Spain

Photo: Wizible