Exhibition stand design for the Cellar Torre Oria at the FENAVIN Fair in Ciudad Real.
Torre Oria is a national benchmark and one of the most prestigious wine and cava cellar in the Region of Valencia. We are commissioned to design a small stand with the goal of showing customers and suppliers its variety of products and new wines.
It is necessary to achieve two different areas within the same stand, one dedicated to the winery and its varieties, and another to its new product Aviva, a sparkling wine that, when shaken, creates a spectacular effect from its suspended particles that are reminiscent of liquid gold.
The main premise on the part of the client was to use the winery's own resources such as corks, wooden boxes, carpets and aluminum curtains, from which to achieve a powerful image, representative of the company's values and at the same time, claim for the visitors of the fair.

Year: 2015
Client: Torre Oria
Area: 21 sqm
Location: Ciudad Real | Spain