Semi-detached single-family house with swimming pool and seven rooms for the most exclusive residential area of Singapore.
The “Feng Shui” - wind and water - comes from the Chinese Taoist doctrine and is a philosophy of life based on the influence of the cardinal directions in living beings to achieve a complete harmony with Earth elements.
In architecture, this balance is obtained by designing spaces to allow the correct flow of energy. Those two words, wind and water, are the essence of the house. The presence of water is continuous appearing elements such as the swimming pool, the koi pond or the water plate over the access which becomes into waterfall. On the other hand, sinuous forms of walls and façades remind us the rocks that wind is gradually eroding year after year.
The house is organized on four levels: the basement with the wine cellar and the entertainment and cigar room; A permeable and open ground floor; the bedrooms floor and the penthouse with the family room and the terrace.
Year: 2014
Client: real state developer
Site area: 420 sqm
Area: 546 sqm
Location: Singapore